Norfolk Volleyball Association

Information about the Norfolk Volleyball Association

Within Norfolk Volleyball is played at many different levels. For the latest informaiton on the different tournaments including the results, then visit
  • Local League
    There is mixed, ladies' and mens' local leagues, with matches based at the Sportspark in Norwich. Match nights are on a Friday and start at 7pm in the main hall. Follow the Local League link for fixtures, images and the latest results.
  • Regional League
    The Eastern Region tournaments are also held in Norwich, these involve 6 tournament Sundays over the year which are run by Keith Nicholls at the Sportspark. The events attract teams from all over East Anglia, and are very enjoyable days. Follow the Regional League link above for information on fixtures and the latest results, as well as images.
  • National League
    Norfolk boasts two national league teams; Both Norwich Men and Norwich Ladies are entered in the National Leagues
  • Student Competitions
    A few clubs in Norfolk are involved in School and Student competitions throughout the season. UEA, ENSFC and GYGVC play in county, regional and national tournaments. Please see the Contacts page for information on these clubs.
  • Development League
    The Development League is open to all new, developing or beginner teams where the players may not be ready for the competition of the Local League but would benefit from match play. The Development League will run three blocks throughout the year alongside the Local League on Friday Evening at the Sportspark; one block will run before Christmas, another in Jan/Feb and the final block on April/May. Each mini league will last 6 weeks and involve playing other developing teams on a rotation basis.
  • Tournaments
    Great Yarmouth hosts the English Volleyball Beach Tour during the summer; this vastly successful tour sees the best Beach Volleyballers in the country compete over a weekend, normally towards the end of June. Lowestoft also has a Beach Tournament open to local players, the tournament is hosted by RTFM (See the contacts page) and normally takes place mid-July. Norfolk Volleyball also hosts a ‘Season Opening’ tournament for all this teams entered into the local leagues. This is an indoor 4-a-side tournament that normally takes place the last weekend in September.’